It's a result of a size limitation IBM sets on PTF downloads (total size 
of requested PTF + all pre-req & co-req PTF's that are shipped if not 
present).  Still a relevant limitation for all those downloading PTF's via 
dial-up modem.


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RE: PTF needed for V3R7

> I did a SNDPTFORD also.  I got an error when I specified
> that I only wanted an electronic PTF, but when I said any
> delivery was fine, it accepted the order and send the PTF
> would be mailed.  I guess we will see.
> cjg

Isn't that something?  You offer to take it electronically and they say 
"We'd rather incur the expense of creating the media and shipping it to
you."  I've never understood that logic.  It's been awhile, but I think
that's a result of whether you have software maintenance on the machine.

BTW, Carl, did you also order the last cume for V3R7?  You might as well



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