The one thing I knowis you can't order/download any LIC PTF's (5722999) if 
you don't have IBM Hardware Maintenance, and the LIC is considered part of 
hardware.  A customer with Midrange H/W support can download 5722SS1 PTF's 
but not 5722999. They can however order and have mailed a cumulative PTF 
package on CD, which includes 5722999 PTF's.


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RE: PTF needed for V3R7

Ah, forgot about that little detail.  As I now recall, you could only use
ECS if you had software maintenance, otherwise you had to fax in your
request.  Again, it seems a stretch on the logic, as it makes for more 
on their end.  Do they still do that?


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> It's a result of a size limitation IBM sets on PTF downloads (total size
> of requested PTF + all pre-req & co-req PTF's that are shipped if not
> present).  Still a relevant limitation for all those downloading
> PTF's via dial-up modem.
> ...Neil
> "Dan Bale" <dbale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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> 2004/10/21 09:49
> > I did a SNDPTFORD also.  I got an error when I specified
> > that I only wanted an electronic PTF, but when I said any
> > delivery was fine, it accepted the order and send the PTF
> > would be mailed.  I guess we will see.
> > cjg
> Isn't that something?  You offer to take it electronically and they say
> no.
> "We'd rather incur the expense of creating the media and shipping it to
> you."  I've never understood that logic.  It's been awhile, but I think
> that's a result of whether you have software maintenance on the machine.
> BTW, Carl, did you also order the last cume for V3R7?  You might as well
> try.
> db

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