Well, I started this mess, I have been out of town the past 2 days and have
not had time to check this thread.
Thanks to all that have looked into this.  I suspect the PTF in question
never made it to a cume.  However, I did do a SNDPTFORD and it said my order
was accepted.  When I got to the office this AM, I had a DHL delivery slip,
but I missed the package.  When I entered the waybill number into DHL's
tracking system, it tells me the shipper is IBM, so I am pretty confident I
will have the PTF.  Thanks to all that have helped.

The original problem I am trying to solve, is this PTF will add a TOINTADR
and type *LMSG parm to the SNDDST command at 3.7.  I have written a command
to send text message from the 3.7 system by sending a *DOC and using context
address.  It has worked fin for years, and I have used it to receive text
status message on my cell phone as SMS messages (via Sprint PCS).  I
recently switched cell service to Cingular and Cingualr's gateway does not
like the MIME attachment on the text message (even though the attachment is
a one byte file) and discards the message, and I never get the SMS.  Our
other systems that have newer versions of the software that allow SNDDST to
send type *LMSG have no problems sending SMS to my Cingluar phone.  So the
issue is clearly with the way the attachment is handled.  This PTF will
allow me to send the SMS as a text message with no attachment.

Again, thanks to all for you help.

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The one thing I knowis you can't order/download any LIC PTF's (5722999) if 
you don't have IBM Hardware Maintenance, and the LIC is considered part of 
hardware.  A customer with Midrange H/W support can download 5722SS1 PTF's 
but not 5722999. They can however order and have mailed a cumulative PTF 
package on CD, which includes 5722999 PTF's.


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RE: PTF needed for V3R7

Ah, forgot about that little detail.  As I now recall, you could only use
ECS if you had software maintenance, otherwise you had to fax in your
request.  Again, it seems a stretch on the logic, as it makes for more 
on their end.  Do they still do that?


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> It's a result of a size limitation IBM sets on PTF downloads (total 
> size of requested PTF + all pre-req & co-req PTF's that are shipped if 
> not present).  Still a relevant limitation for all those downloading 
> PTF's via dial-up modem.
> ...Neil
> "Dan Bale" <dbale@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
> Sent by: midrange-l-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxxx
> 2004/10/21 09:49
> > I did a SNDPTFORD also.  I got an error when I specified that I only 
> > wanted an electronic PTF, but when I said any delivery was fine, it 
> > accepted the order and send the PTF would be mailed.  I guess we 
> > will see. cjg
> Isn't that something?  You offer to take it electronically and they 
> say no. "We'd rather incur the expense of creating the media and 
> shipping it to you."  I've never understood that logic.  It's been 
> awhile, but I think that's a result of whether you have software 
> maintenance on the machine.
> BTW, Carl, did you also order the last cume for V3R7?  You might as 
> well try.
> db

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