I'll only be at COMMON for Sat & Sun to help out on the reg desk, then 
back to work.  :-)

Anyway, I found from someone in Rochester that the activity indicator is 
"coming" (maybe a PTF) and there are some instructions as to how to show 
it that he's going to send me. 


Al Barsa <barsa@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
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2004/10/04 10:45

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Re: Model 520 hardware


Toronto is your city, so I expect you to tell them.  I will have my hands
busy with the HMC.


Al Barsa, Jr.

             Neil Palmer/DPS 

I've just installed my second model 520 in 3 days, another coming up

For those who have seen one, where is the CPU activity/processor run light
We could all tell when the CPU was busy on older systems by looking at the
little green light, how bright was it/how fast was it blinking.  Then we
progressed to the "bar graphs" on the control panel.  As far as I can tell
(and I haven't actually found any documentation on how to USE the control
panel after searching for over 30 minutes in InfoCenter - just
documentation on how to remove/replace one) the model 520 has neither.  If
that's true, then that really SUCKS BIG TIME and IBM should be hit over
the head at Sound Off at COMMON for the lousy design.  If it's just a
hidden feature on the control panel 2-line display that I can't find
because I can't find any documentation, can someone please tell me HOW to
get it to display processor activity?


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