So as I mentioned there are two different license modes.

Workstation: License is on the workstation. You can connect to ANY IBM i Server and edit source code there. Can be your server, my server, customer server etc. Wonderful for consultants and independent developers. Also works well for those with laptops that are always with them.

Corporate: I almost said 'Server' but that's not really it. RDi is still loaded on the workstation but in order to be used it must obtain a token from your site. Typically one central server dispatches the tokens for your enterprise. When you have a token then you may edit. If you have 10 guys and 5 tokens then only 5 at a time may edit. This is also great for use at home or laptop or desktop as you can load on all at no extra cost, just remember to exit at the office our that token remains in use so when you get home you may be stuck!

If this is the version on your workstation and you connect to MY server then you will not be able to edit because I cannot grant you a token.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis

On 4/18/2014 6:53 PM, Booth Martin wrote:

Here is something not quite clear to me. Who "owns" the license? I am
not talking about who writes the check.

Lets say ABC Company buys a license for John Smith, and John Smith loads
RDi on to his workstation at the office and at home. Apparently it is OK
if he uses either one, so long as he is using only one at a time. But
now lets suppose John Smith connects to a box owned by XYZ Company?
Is that OK?

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