I'm still amazed we can't do "bare metal" backups without bringing the system into restricted state. Our windows servers have been doing that for close to a decade. This is the only reason why the uptime on our IBM i server can't be on par with our Windows boxes!

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The graphical and character based BRMS interfaces being different is one of my largest issues with BRMS, albeit a small one in comparison to the positives BRMS brings to the table. The good news is the graphical interface at V7 is very good when compared to prior versions, and it's much faster with the new improvements included with Navigator for IBM i.
(HTTP group 16+) Why the character based interface is not compatible
with the updated data structures etc, the graphical interface uses is beyond my ability to understand, but it's been that way for some time.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

On 1/22/2013 9:35 AM, Jeff Crosby wrote:
So noted. When I look at TESTIFS control group via green screen, it
no longer says *BKUPCY all over the place. All the *BKUPCY have been
replaced by whatever the *BKUPCY policy value was at the time I saved it in iNav.

Odd, but I think I can live with it.

On Tue, Jan 22, 2013 at 9:58 AM,<rob@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

When I went to change it in iNav I got this big warning that the
control group was not properly formatted for the graphical
interface and to click OK if I wanted it to be formatted
This was a concern of mine earlier. Just searched again for

BRMS interface differences


However, changing control groups created on the character-based
interface using the BRMS graphical interface is not recommended
unless you understand the following:

The BRMS graphical interface backup and archive control
groups are designed to be independent of each other. Thus, if you
make changes to one control group, it does not affect the others.
To ensure this independence, control groups that are updated with
the BRMS graphical interface will have all references to the
character-based interface system policy (*SYSPCY), archive policy (*ARCPCY), and backup policy (*BKUPCY) removed.
These references are resolved and replaced with the actual values
when the backup control group is saved by the BRMS graphical
interface. Changes to the archive policy, backup policy, or system
policy in the character-based interface do not affect backup or
archive control groups that are created or edited by the BRMS
graphical interface. The exceptions to this are the network
function, sign-off exceptions, and the subsystem to check controls in the system policy, which are used by the BRMS graphical interface.

There is nothing specified on this at the FAQ page at

Maybe they figure they've said it once.

Rob Berendt
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On Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 2:20 PM, Jeff Crosby

> I looked at several of the files in /QIBM/UserData/OS/OSGi.
They all > seem related to Eclipse. And I did have it open on
my PC. Wonder what > would happen if I tried a *LINK SWA backup
when not in RDP? I will try > that tomorrow. That's 40 of the 49 missed objects right there.

Tomorrow is now today and I tried it. STRBKUBRM CTLGRP(TESTIFS)
SBMJOB(*YES) so it would go to batch. Then looked at QSYSOPR to
see what was happening and saw this: Job 841991/QTCP/QTFTP00117
was ended by user JEFF. Uh oh. That's not good. Sure enough,
TCP/IP ended. Thankfully this was at 7:15am and I was the only office employee here at the time.

OK, what did I miss? No subsystems were to be ended and
interactive users were allowed to stay on. When it finished 20
minutes or so later, I looked at the control group and paged all
the way down to the last page and there it was. End TCP/IP *YES
(among others). But I couldn't change it. I have another
control group where End TCP/IP is *NO, so there's got to be a way
(or else it's inherited from some policy somewhere).

I finally read that you can only change the items on this last
screen via the graphical interface. That info was in the extended
help as I couldn't seem to find it in the manual. When I went to
change it in iNav I got this big warning that the control group
was not properly formatted for the graphical interface and to
click OK if I wanted it to be formatted properly. I said OK, made
the changes, and saved it. I wondered if I would still be able to
update it on green screen and I can. (An aside question to IBM:
if you can display these options on the green screen, why can't
you change it? Obviously the green screen has access to the
setting and can interpret it properly.)

Anyway, only 2 items couldn't be saved. The Standguard AV log and
fax file that didn't work Saturday. Everything else saved, but
since TCP/IP was down, it wasn't a good test. So I will try again
on Thursday morning, since I have been summoned for jury duty

Jeff Crosby
VP Information Systems
UniPro FoodService/Dilgard
P.O. Box 13369
Ft. Wayne, IN 46868-3369

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