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I looked at several of the files in /QIBM/UserData/OS/OSGi. They all
seem related to Eclipse. And I did have it open on my PC. Wonder what
would happen if I tried a *LINK SWA backup when not in RDP? I will try
that tomorrow. That's 40 of the 49 missed objects right there.

Tomorrow is now today and I tried it. STRBKUBRM CTLGRP(TESTIFS)
SBMJOB(*YES) so it would go to batch. Then looked at QSYSOPR to see what
was happening and saw this: Job 841991/QTCP/QTFTP00117 was ended by user
JEFF. Uh oh. That's not good. Sure enough, TCP/IP ended. Thankfully
this was at 7:15am and I was the only office employee here at the time.

OK, what did I miss? No subsystems were to be ended and interactive users
were allowed to stay on. When it finished 20 minutes or so later, I looked
at the control group and paged all the way down to the last page and there
it was. End TCP/IP *YES (among others). But I couldn't change it. I have
another control group where End TCP/IP is *NO, so there's got to be a way
(or else it's inherited from some policy somewhere).

I finally read that you can only change the items on this last screen via
the graphical interface. That info was in the extended help as I couldn't
seem to find it in the manual. When I went to change it in iNav I got this
big warning that the control group was not properly formatted for the
graphical interface and to click OK if I wanted it to be formatted
properly. I said OK, made the changes, and saved it. I wondered if I
would still be able to update it on green screen and I can. (An aside
question to IBM: if you can display these options on the green screen, why
can't you change it? Obviously the green screen has access to the setting
and can interpret it properly.)

Anyway, only 2 items couldn't be saved. The Standguard AV log and fax file
that didn't work Saturday. Everything else saved, but since TCP/IP was
down, it wasn't a good test. So I will try again on Thursday morning,
since I have been summoned for jury duty tomorrow. :)

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