On 19-Aug-2014 11:42 -0500, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
<<SNIP>> I am unsure as to how to generate the data. I tried the
DSPJRN to a type 5 output file and that doesn't seem to have that
information. What should I be using?

If the data is not where the docs claim for a *TYPE5 Output File produced by the Display Journal (DSPJRN) for the T-ZR entries for the *IMGCLG access\read, then the data is not going to be there when using the /better/ UI provided by the Copy Audit Journal Entries (CPYAUDJRNE) utility. But I would suggest using that Copy command instead, because the invocation specific to a T-ZR should produce a /described/ file [metadata] that I expect would include an Access Type column for which the value of 71=Unload should be more easily visible per [having enabled the] use of a reporting tool instead of trying to /see/ that data at some documented offset within the Entry Specific Data.

For example, the v5r3 model output file QASYZRJ5 [used for the Display Audit Journal Entries (DSPAUDJRNE) when requesting Audit Journal Entry Types (ENTTYP) of ZR] with the record format QASYZRJ5 has a column named ZRACTP defined as a P(5,0) for the "Type of access" information of the T-ZR.

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