Rob you can try object auditing on the *IMGLCG object.


I started auditing then loaded it, then unloaded it.

I got 3 entries in the audit journal. 2 during the load and 1 for unload.


I have a virtual tape I've been using for quite some time now. Since our unload/reload it has been getting unloaded on a regular basis. Is there some way to determine how?
I thought about a series of job schedule entries to do WRKIMGCLG
OUTPUT(*PRINT) but there is no OUTPUT option.
When I do a LODIMGCLG there is no system wide DSPLOG (not dspjoblog) message generated that I can see. Unlike the message you get when you load a disc into your optical drive.

My backup job schedule entry is simply STRBKUBRM and I really would rather not have to wrap that up in a CL program to do a monitored LODIMGCLG first.

I'd really like to know what is unloading it.

Rob Berendt

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