On 04-Aug-2014 06:31 -0500, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
<<SNIP>> The rub I had was that a restore will effectively (if done
right) get all of your system values, command default changes,
security authority changes and so on. But what it will not get is the
attribute changed on '/tmp'.

Anything /created/ by the OS is unlikely to have any customizations maintained, because the object is new; especially so for containers vs what goes in the containers. If customizations had been made to the attributes of QRPLOBJ, they were almost surely lost in the process in the same way as the customization to the attributes of the /tmp directory. Unless one were to pay extra close attention to what is created vs restored, re-running the general customizations is best [or knowing to run and to run a special subset of customizations] to ensure the system will not have some customizations gone missing.

Perhaps worthwhile asking that a list of objects that might be created in such a scenario, should be added to the "Recovering your system" docs along with clarification about requirements to reapply customizations. Or perhaps that such customizations get added to the Save System Information (SAVSYSINF) feature, and thus restore with Restore System Information (RSTSYSINF); perhaps unlikely given certain other customizations, even with that effort, still will be lost.

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