Some people store skeleton files into a save file for jobs to process. For
example, some EDI work files that you post into in QTEMP and then perform
other processing on. So you restore the 'shells' from a save file into
qtemp, do your magic on them, and send them on down the line.

This may cause an issue after a DR situation or a system migration. You
might have to add ALWOBJDIF(*ALL) or *COMPATIBLE. Which may then bring up
other items to address.
Work around is to just take it on the chin when this happens and repackage
the save files.
Or, you can stop using the technique of restoring from save files for work
files and instead use SQL or something to create these tables on the fly.

A proactive approach to prepare for a system migration is to scan for all
save files and determine the reason for their existance.

Rob Berendt

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