On 12-Aug-2014 13:24 -0500, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
I opened up a PMR about RSTOBJ. IBM confessed. There is a program
that changes a bunch of objects and it will do so regardless of you
restoring from IBM media or restoring from media performed from a
save of your system. The security on RSTOBJ is definitely one of
those objects. Frankly I suspected this had to be the case.

I believe the program QSYFIXUP is responsible. I argued against their heavy-handed approach, suggesting that since N+2 they could stop /fixing/ mistakes from the past; IIRC, two other programs perform similar fix-up activity, QINEXIT1 and QINEXIT2, and that they similarly could stop those changes since N+2. And having done so, also stop wasting the cycles in every install, work that then may be doubly wasteful per anyone who then reapplies their customizations to those same objects that were previously in that same IPL explicitly reset in some manner.

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