On 12-Aug-2014 12:20 -0500, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Some people store skeleton files into a save file for jobs to
process. <<SNIP>>

This may cause an issue after a DR situation or a system migration.
You might have to add ALWOBJDIF(*ALL) or *COMPATIBLE. <<SNIP>>

Was the above message intended to be replied to the "Restore from LPAR1 to LPAR2" topic? There seems no relation to the topic of this subject.? Regardless...

There is nothing about an ordinary and successful DR that would have any affect on the specification requirements for Allow Object Differences (ALWOBJDIF) in the alluded scenario. Whatever difficulties would arise, should arise in normal processing, if they might also arise after a DR. The same File and\or Member Level Identifier issues or lack thereof would continue across a DR; similarly the ownership of the files would remain after DR just as before. Obviously in a failed or incomplete\customized DR whereby a particular user profile had been dropped, then ownership issues might arise. And if the DR did some extra work whereby files and\or members were deleted and recreated rather than simply restored as part of a normal DR, then issues with the level identifiers might arise, but the same deletions would have been a problem prior to the DR [of which delete and re-create is not a part, just restore of the files with their maintained level identifiers that persist across save\restore].

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