Hi Jim,

No worries, this is just an old-school, at-home V4R3 (or V4R5) 9406-170, no production :)

It is configured for direct console cable access, but that connection decided to not play nice. I see a network icon telling me that a connection at 115200 baud is completed, but I only see sent bytes, and nothing coming back from the AS/400 (yes, that's still an AS/400 ;) )
The console cable routine also didn't work for me with my 9406-800, but that machine runs V5R4, so I could switch to LAN console there (which works like a charm BTW).

As I still had a 2746 laying around, I was thinking about putting a 5250 Express in my PC, putting the 2746 in the AS/400, and see if that would work.

But before spending money on a Express card, I was wondering how others (in the past) fared with that card.

I can't connect to the AS/400 using TCP/IP, so probably the TCP/IP subsystem doesn't auto-start (I know the IP address, but no response).

Now I think of it, I might still try un-/plugging, IPL'ing manually to DST, and see if he console cable picks up anything then.



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In addition to Robs comment:  First the console should be just that, a
console and nothing else.  You should not run user work or do your daily
work on it.  That way if there is an issue that requires the console, you
can still get to it; so your instinct to put another access to the system on
that PC other than the console is a good one. 
Second, presumably there is TCP access to this system in addition to any
Twinax you may still have.  I think you need to consider using IBM i Access,
or the Mocha client, or TN5250, or any of the other 5250 emulators

You are clearly older equipment that really needs to be updated.  You are on
potentially older OS versions and have no intention of ever getting to V7R2.
Those are two things that should be corrected within the next budget cycle.

Run from twinax as fast as Secretariat ran the Preakness......
Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

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Once you have LAN console there is NO advantage to using twinax.  One may
think it's a "belt and suspenders" approach in which they can back up each
other.  In reality, what often happens, is they start to conflict with each
The newer Power systems absolutely do not support twinax.  So what you are
doing is increasing your reliance upon twinax when you should be purging it
out of your environment.
We haven't had a twinax device in well over a decade.

Rob Berendt
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Subject:        Curious about IBM PCI Twinax card for PC experiences.
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Greetings all,

I was curious if anybody has ever worked with these IBM PCI Twinax adapter
cards (for PC) that you sometimes see on Ebay.
Are these good substitutes for a 5250 console? Or are they something to
steer away from?

I'm considering putting one of these in my Operations Console PC, as a
addition to it's LAN console functionality.



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