Hi Justin,

okay, that's less then optimistic news :)

I aquired an 5250 Express card (seems to be a newer version, the older cards weren't Express cards apparently), and I've heard positive reports about them. 
Anyway, we'll see how it works out. I'm just using it for console access to an older AS/400 (no file transfers), the rest of the communications will happen via the Ethernet IOA (once I get that up and running from the console).


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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, we used those cards.  We discovered that once you make a TCP/IP over Ethernet connection one time, the twinax cards would never again function, even if you unplugged the Ethernet cable.  IBM support was unable to find a solution and the only option was a reload of Windows on every PC.  This was TCP/IP over Twinax.  If your server is old enough to still support SNA, you "might" be OK but YMMV.

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Subject: Curious about IBM PCI Twinax card for PC experiences.

Greetings all,

I was curious if anybody has ever worked with these IBM PCI Twinax adapter cards (for PC) that you sometimes see on Ebay.
Are these good substitutes for a 5250 console? Or are they something to steer away from?

I'm considering putting one of these in my Operations Console PC, as a addition to it's LAN console functionality.



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