Hi Kevin!

Thanks for your response.

I'm located in Holland, so if I'm correct on the other side of the North Sea :)

I've really tried a LOT of combinations: WinXP, Win2000, WinNT, with Client access V6R1, V5R4...but no luck.
I can see the Windows machine setting up a connection (a VM in my case, as my laptop has a 64-bit OS, which doesn't support the Ops Console software modem), it even shows send AND received bytes, but it just stays at 'connecting...' and no console screen shows up.

The 170 shows the right SRC (can't recall exactly, it ends with ..66, which means that the console is found and active), and when I dis/reconnect the operations console I hear some activity on the 170, so it seems to notice what I'm doing.

Also, if I use PuTTY and blind-type 'NEGOTIATE 1' it comes back with the connected speed (115200), so apparently the link itself works. I'm baffled however why the console doesn't come up.

BTW I'm also using an USB-to-serial converter, the internal port on my laptop seems a bit flaky :)

If you don't mind parting with the 4-port brick I'd really appreciate it (the 8-port variant has a different connector I noticed, and won't fit the 2720). Just tell me how much it'll cost to ship it :)

If you have some good suggestions I can try the direct connection again, but I feel I've exhausted my option.
Seems strange that for such a robust and stable system like the AS/400 they designed such a finicky system like the direct connection cable...

BTW the 170 is running V4R5 (AFAIK), so LAN console isn't an option...which is a shame, as it works brilliantly on my 800 :)



From: kevin <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 10:55 AM
Subject: Availability of (oldschool) 4-port Twinax brick?

Hi Rene,

Where are you located - I've got one you can have...I don't use it any
more I have the direct attach console on mine and Ethernet for
Telnet..and it works perfectly..

I'm happy to go thru my console setup with you...my old dev box is a 170
at V5R4 - the console is an old XP laptop - used for nothing else I
hasten to add.

I put a USB converter on the serial end of the console cable and it
works ok(didn't have a serial port I could use on the laptop)

I would be better if we could get the console working without the twinax..

I'm looking to replace the dev box this year with a new power box as a
couple of my clients are now using 7.1..



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