Hello Kevin,

No problem, another Midrange mail user kindly donated a 4-port brick moments ago, so I'm covered :)

Service tools login...you mean on the AS/400? Nope, Operations Console just says 'Connecting', I hear the 170's disks rattle a bit (and CPU activity light comes on momentarily), some sending/receiving of data over the serial line...that's it.

For clarity: I haven't been able to gain access to the system yet. I know from the former owner that they had used Direct Connection, so it -should- work technically...but not here apparently. I do have the QSECOFR password though.

Also, it has a 2838 card (and I know it's IP address), but it seems TCP/IP has to be manually started, otherwise I would've logged in via the network.
Another reason I'm trying to get in soon is that I want to record the license keys before disks decide to give up. The system runs V4R5, so the keys cannot be retrieved from IBM's ESS site (that's only V5R4 and higher).


From: kevin <kevin@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
To: midrange-l@xxxxxxxxxxxx
Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2014 1:19 PM
Subject: Re: Availability of (oldschool) 4-port Twinax brick?

Hi Rene,

I'm actually in the UK - and I've just looked at my "brick" and it's an
8 port - sorry...

Let's see if we can get your settings right...

Do you get to the service tools login..


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