Hi Rob,

Don't worry, this is just for a 9406-170 at home.

It runs V4R3 or V4R5 (I wasn't able to gain access yet), and AFAIK, that version doesn't support LAN console yet (I would've loved that, my 800 works like a charm with LAN console).
The console cable that it was connected to (at the firm it came from) doesn't want to play nice at home (it does show it's connected at 115200 baud, but I only see sent packets, and none received from the AS/400).
As I still have a 2746 Twinax IOA laying around, I was thinking of putting an 5250 Express card in my PC, and installing the 2746 in my 170.

But before shelling out some cash for an 5250 Express, I was curious how other people fared with these cards.



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Once you have LAN console there is NO advantage to using twinax.  One may
think it's a "belt and suspenders" approach in which they can back up each
other.  In reality, what often happens, is they start to conflict with
each other.
The newer Power systems absolutely do not support twinax.  So what you are
doing is increasing your reliance upon twinax when you should be purging
it out of your environment.
We haven't had a twinax device in well over a decade.

Rob Berendt

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