Chuck, I was able to get to V5R4 on Knowledge Center - V5r3 seems to be gone, as you say -

We just had a thread where I made comments about KC and expressing no amount of love - it is a mess - you have to make collections if you want to get to something directly -

I just can't believe how IBM have managed to add many more clicks to getting to the same data! And I DO remember all the talk about replacing the books.

I have kept links to the sites for earlier releases, from before Infocenter.

I also have a link to a general IBM library site - marvelous place actually - with documentation it's hard to get anywhere else I know of - like MOD:CA and other architecture documentation. That link is

I think it is called IBM Library Server Library - you probably already knew about it.

I should probably put all the old links I have on the wiki here - not sure I can add articles there.


On 6/14/2014 11:55 AM, CRPence wrote:
On 14-Jun-2014 08:28 -0500, Rich Loeber wrote:
On 14-Jun-2014 06:33 -0500, Flensburg, Carsten wrote:
I suggest you take a look at the Retrieve Users Authorized to an

This is exactly what I was looking for. Hope it also works for V5R4
.... I see that it was available for 6.1 but in checking the IBM
Knowledge Center, it looks like it was not a part of V5R4. <<SNIP>>

FWiW, at the _bottom_ of every page that documents an API, since some very long time ago, a notation should exist to identify when that API was introduced. The 6.1 doc for the aforementioned API, for example, should have included the following text: "API introduced: V2R2"

While that tidbit is not helpful to know when any particular portion of information may be available from an API [e.g. a new format or new fields that came with a newer release], at least an inference that there should exist specific doc for that API is intuitively obvious.

Although with the recent transition to the KnowledgeCenter from the InfoCenter, IBM has ¿apparently abandoned? any visibility to [at least] the documentation at both v5r3 and v5r4; Or so I have inferred from my inability to access docs from bookmarked references and inability to "add product" of those releases of the OS :-( While I have seen some other anecdotal references to the new KC and maybe only allusions to loss of the IC on these lists, I am actually surprised there has not been a topic dedicated to that topic here on midrange-l, like there were when IC came along to replace [the ¿Books? of the "online library" or whatever was the moniker for] the prior web-based docs interface. Why IBM leaves the v5r1 and v5r2 ICs but seems to have obliterated those of v5r3 and v5r4, is nonsensical IMO; though I am biased, because my only access to the OS is via a v5r3 system.

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