There are tons of examples - you would be better off going to the WEB400 list here, by the way.

To get you started, I'd look at CGIDEV2 - there are many examples and articles (search for Tuohy on that site) for that - - and CGIDEV2 simplifies it, so far as the CGI APIs are concerned.

Setting up for CGI on its own is fairly simple, for CGIDEV2 it's going to be the same.

PHP is an option using Zend, more setup to do, some stuff to install. And learning PHP, which is not hard.

Setting up for CGI involves setting up Apache, which is already on your system. You'll want to think in terms of "script" - terms like scriptaliasmatch come to mind.

Again, the web list here will have people who can give you direct help.

Here's a link to a on all this - - the redbook is a bit dated but still useful.

There is some stuff in the "Did you know..." redbook.


On 5/20/2014 11:34 PM, Booth Martin wrote:
Thats the right question I bet.

The scenario is that users in the field want to use their iPhones & androids to send three fields of data that eventually are delivered to a box at V7. There a program will use those fields to update a record. Either an app or a text message is being considered. At the moment the text message is what is preferred.

Maybe the question I want to ask is: when a form on a web page is submitted, I want the program that processes it to be an RPG program on the i. Is there an example of that program somewhere?

On 5/20/2014 10:57 PM, Bradley Stone wrote:
Hi, Booth.

I'm lost as to what your asking. As Vern suggested, when a form on a web
page is submitted it calls a specific program and that program can read the
data that was submitted either from the query string environment variable
(GET) or from the POST data.

Can you elaborate on what you want to do and where you hear the idea of a
data queue?


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