On Mon, May 5, 2014 at 12:47 PM, Jon Paris <jon.paris@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Do I like MS personally? No - they have betrayed my trust too
many times in the past. In my opinion they produce bloated
unreliable software that wouldn't get a second look in today's
market if people weren't entrenched into their technologies.

You're entitled to your opinions about MS, but I hope you're not
conflating the platform with software built by others for that

We are mainly an IBM i shop here, but other than what we
bought/licensed bundled with the machine (operating system, compilers,
etc.), there is no software written by IBM at our shop. None.

So if you want to hate MS, fine. Just be clear what it is you're hating. ;)

Of the things MS is legitimately responsible for, .NET and Visual
Studio are actually quite good. I don't use them personally, but
developer satisfaction and productivity with those tools is generally
on par with or even slightly above satisfaction and productivity with
Java, other JVM-based languages, and Eclipse.

As to zero MS sessions at COMMON - yes - that's foolish. But are
there any IBM i sessions at MS events?

The scenarios are not symmetrical. Most folks at MS events won't ever
use IBM i stuff themselves. Hell, most won't even have heard of IBM
i. But who at IBM i events hasn't heard of MS? Who at IBM i events
can go through an entire workday without using any MS stuff? I'm sure
some, but certainly nothing close to a majority.

John Y.

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