Would be fun to see the inventory of apps/services you run.

I would bet there is room for consolidation.

Sometimes the VM guys get a little carried away with 1 app per server instance because it's so easy to pop out a new VM.

Just one more little VM for the i wep apps would be nice :-)

PS: In our development shop we also have about 50+ VMs of various flavors floating around, but a lot of that is around QA testing and support for all the Windows flavors.

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message: 6
date: Mon, 5 May 2014 16:29:04 +0000
from: Mike Cunningham <mike.cunningham@xxxxxxx>
subject: RE: need for simple web screen

It's really not the setup time or the initial cost. It's the mentality of Windows admins that Windows server OS can't do more than one thing at a time or it will crash so each new service needs its own server (virtual usually). So that then means another server to setup and patch weekly and monitor for intrusions and scan for vulnerabilities and then get the "we need more staff because we went from 100 servers last year to 120 servers this year that we have to support". (and not exaggerating here - we did increase our windows server count last year by about 15% without adding any new services, just taking existing services and making them run standalone or setting up some additional redundancy just in case the existing servers crashed). And then the additional overhead to support the VMWare server and its OS so I can run the multitude of Windows OS's under it. And then because we have so many windows servers we need another windows server to more easily manage the windows ser
vers. Add to that the ever expanding need for more floor space in the datacenter, more power, more HVAC all because of the windows server explosion.

In comparison I added 3 new services on my iSeries last year and didn't need any new hardware or OS installs.

I will admit that some of this is not the technology but the technologist who support it.

I don't agree with COMMON not running windows sessions. It is part of our lives and probably will be forever so we all need to learn how to best integrate the two worlds. Be that for password syncing, or data replication/access to/from the other environment.

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