You'll need to back up any files you want to keep. Use Acronis r something else and you can get a disk image of the whole thing that you can then restore files from as needed.

Even better idea:

Have your IT team or you can do it if you're the IT team - Download a copy of VMware Workstation and install on your new Windows 7/8 machine.

Then run the VMware Converter program to Virtualize your old XP desktop and it will copy over a LIVE version of the XP box that you can fire up within your new PC as needed.

Think of it as your new Windows 7/8 machine running an XP LPAR.

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message: 5
date: Thu, 1 May 2014 18:53:13 -0500
from: "Jerry C. Adams" <midrange@xxxxxxxx>
subject: RE: old versions of Client Access on system

On a similar note, but coming from the other end, I'm going to upgrade my PC
from XP Pro to Win7. I have System i Access for Windows Version 6 Release 1
installed. I have workstation definitions (display files and printers)
defined using specific ids. Will I need to move those to some other folder
after the upgrade? Any other thing(s) I need to do afterwards?

Re-reading this several times, I realize it probably doesn't make a lot of
sense. Never worked with W7 before, but I read that the security and
file/folder structure is a bit different from what I've grown used to over
the years. So please excuse the badly formed questions.

Jerry C. Adams
IBM i Programmer/Analyst
I know the Voices aren't real - but they have some great ideas.

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