First off. People wouldn't be entrenched with Microsoft technologies if they didn't work.

I love your general statement about bloated and unreliable Microsoft software. Specifics would help. And not just a bad XP or Windows 7 experience :-)

Bloated and unreliable could apply to any language or platform including RPG, PHP, Java, Rudy, .Net, etc.......

Just because you've had a bad personal experience with MS stuff doesn't mean it's bad.

It just means you don't like it, so state it as such or continue to NOT state it and remain in happy ignorance of one of the largest development and server platforms that is awesome for augmenting i systems.

Maybe you had a bad workstation experience but how much server experience do you really have with MS ? I would be happy to give you some lessons.

Windows 2012 with Hyper V or Vmware is an awesome combination for system redundancy and resiliency. And it runs well on MAC OS too :-)

In regards to the Mono port I did request the code port they had already done be opened up, but received a big fat no because of legal reasons.

Quite honestly at this point there's really no reason to port Mono since IIS runs nicely and connects to the i as needed from a Windows app server.

Even Aaron's port of Ruby is a testament to his awesome skillset, but why port it when I can run Ruby on a Windows or Linux or even a MAC server ?

I applaud his efforts none-the-less, but porting Mono just for fun won't really help the i platform nor my technical skillset.

People really interested in using .Net will just say: I simply installed the app on a Windows box and left the data on i. Works great and I have a VM for redundancy of the app server.

It's an IP connected world of LPARS, VMware Images, iSCSI disks, Disk to Disk backup and mobile phones and tablets. Everything doesn't live on i any more since the i is no longer even a box of its own.

No going back to the old days. Time to move forward and accept that there are almost always other app servers in every shop. We can rarely say we run all our apps on one IBM i system.

You don't have to embrace Windows. Just acknowledge your lack of expertise there and don't cast unfounded stones in the future.

Not sure how many other .Net users actually frequent these forums, so maybe I'm preaching to the wind.

OK, my fingers are tired. Let's agree to disagree :-)

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message: 1
date: Mon, 5 May 2014 12:47:29 -0400
from: Jon Paris <>
subject: Re: need for simple web screen

You know Richard - I really prefer to be able to state my own opinions rather than have you do it for me.

I have no problem with recommending that clients use MS products, _if_ they work in their environment and would not add to their support costs.

Would I prefer an IBM i based solution? Yes - every time.

Do I like MS personally? No - they have betrayed my trust too many times in the past. In my opinion they produce bloated unreliable software that wouldn't get a second look in today's market if people weren't entrenched into their technologies.

As to zero MS sessions at COMMON - yes - that's foolish. But are there any IBM i sessions at MS events?

"For the record and I have said it here before, IBM ported the Mono Runtime to PASE several years back but it never saw the light of day because they couldn't get it released. The port was done by a team of interns if I recall correctly"

I assume you mean this:

You keep saying about this - but I've seen no sign of you leading an OS effort to port Mono. IBM clearly (and not surprisingly) have little interest - so instead of constantly moaning and bitching about it why don't you do it? Aaron Bartell has managed to get Ruby up and running what is to stop you? I'm sure you could more than a few volunteers among the MS supporters on these lists.

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