On 14-Apr-2014 13:08 -0500, J Franz wrote:
We have used a MS linked server for a number of years. After
updating development from V6R1 to V7R1, some of the basic functions
sometimes don't work - getting message "...[filename] contains no
columns that can be selected ...".

This works for a few files, but most do not (have noticed new files
since upgrade have worked, but not verified always true).

The described symptom suggests the data for the columns [that existed on the system on the prior release] may be missing since the upgrade; i.e. as a side effect of a condition likely experienced during the upgrade. That would be the effect, whenever the message CPF32D1 for the file QADBIFLD in QSYS had been logged. That message is sent to QSYSOPR, thus would appear in the history; DSPLOG QHST ((*AVAIL) (*BEGIN)) MSGID(CPF32D1). The joblog for the job issuing that message should be reviewed for the error condition as origin; if the SCPF job, then WRKSPLF SELECT(QSYS *ALL *ALL SCPF *ALL) to find the joblog(s), because the job number 000000 is only valid during that IPL. Irrespective the origin, the likely recovery is via one of the following requests, after verifying there is no looping conditions of "help me I've fallen, and I can not get up [most likely cpf32a3 or cpf32a4]" being logged from either the QDBSRVXR or QDBSRVXR2 jobs [visible in either *SYSOPR or QHST]: RCLSTG SELECT(*ALL) OMIT(*NONE) or RCLSTG SELECT(*DBXREF)

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