On 15-Apr-2014 07:11 -0500, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
On 15-Apr-2014 07:01 -0500, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

The 7.1 Memo To Users was last updated in April 2014. Now, does that
sound recent to anyone?
On printed page 52, which is pdf page 64, there is a section flagged
as recently added. Check that out and see if that might be related to
your issue.

On 14-Apr-2014 13:08 -0500, J Franz wrote:
This works for a few files, but most do not (have noticed new
files since upgrade have worked, but not verified always true).

This makes it sound even more like a problem with the database cross
reference files.
New files created are updated successfully into the database cross
reference files, which are probably used by this service.
Old files are not 'right' in the database cross reference files.

Follow recommendations from suggested section of Memo To Users.

Indeed a "problem". But conspicuously unrelated to what is described in the MTU, even if, the recovery noted for that issue from the MTU is the same corrective action for the issue experienced by the OP. The issue from the MTU is regarding only the "text for a TABLE or VIEW ... will not display the text until the cross reference files are reclaimed." While the issue from the MTU would not be manifest for "new files <ed: created> since upgrade" just as would be the case for a condition\issue originating with error msg CPF32D1, only the latter issue would effect the error "...[filename] contains no columns that can be selected ..." as was described in\by the OP.

Performing the recovery action is corrective, but ignoring the actual origin for the issue [e.g. by supposing the MTU text is applicable to that situation] is... well, ignoring a problem.

Of course my response here /ignores/ that, what is an apparently blatant defect in the installation, that has apparently been documented as _normal_ behavior requiring corrective action; i.e. the RCLSTG has effectively been added as a new requirement to complete an upgrade, but has been noted only in the MTU rather than being added to the install\upgrade documentation.

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