I did see the change in the Memo to Users from Rob's note, we did do the
RCLSTG *DBXREF for whole system (single library RCLDBXREF failed
immediately with note that there were problems and a dedicated system
version for whole system must be run.
Ran Tues night, and had mostly good results.
All the files we cared about in existing apps now work from linked server.
Some other files tested did not, but the developers on that side of the
did not care.. We could not detect a pattern to the work/not work.
I used sql to compare systable rows (Verifying System Catalog Information
for ODBC Use:
but could not see a difference
Jim Franz

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On 15-Apr-2014 07:11 -0500, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
On 15-Apr-2014 07:01 -0500, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

The 7.1 Memo To Users was last updated in April 2014. Now, does that
sound recent to anyone?
On printed page 52, which is pdf page 64, there is a section flagged
as recently added. Check that out and see if that might be related to
your issue.

On 14-Apr-2014 13:08 -0500, J Franz wrote:
This works for a few files, but most do not (have noticed new
files since upgrade have worked, but not verified always true).

This makes it sound even more like a problem with the database cross
reference files.
New files created are updated successfully into the database cross
reference files, which are probably used by this service.
Old files are not 'right' in the database

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