On 04-Apr-2014 10:07 -0700, rob@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
Yeah, the GO LICPGM, 50 is very high level and did not go down into
individual PTFs.

Thanks for the reminder about trailing 0 being a wildcard.

FYI: The Message Identifier (MSGID) parameter of both the Monitor Message (MONMSG) and the Display Log (DSPLOG) commands [unless something has changed; unlikely] does not effect a /range/ of messages being honored, for the specification of a single trailing zero. Only the double-zero as suffix or all zeroes as suffix, define a "generic message identifier" specification; i.e. MSGID(PPP3200) will search|monitor all PPP32##, but MSGID(PPP32A0) will search|monitor *only* the PPP32A0 message, and MSGID(PPP0000) will search|monitor all message with PPP as prefix irrespective the digits.

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