On 29-Apr-2014 10:13 -0500, Jim Franz wrote:
This occurred throughout our joblog - probably for every message it
attempted to display on HMC console.

CPF5144 Diagnostic 70 04/28/14 17:30:00.895138 QWSDSMSG QSYS 0526
QMHSNSTA Message . . . . : Error detected on device DSP01 that can
be recovered. Cause . . . . . : The system detected an error from a
previous input or an output operation that can be recovered. Recovery
. . . : First close the file and release the device; then open the
file and acquire the device.

HMC on Power 5+ with primary partition at V6R1 and dev partition at V7R1
This was save of V7R1 partition - and have recommended HMC level for V7R1

Is this a hardware or software issue when calling IBM?

Symptom: msgCPF5144 F/QWSDSMSG x/0526 T/QMHSNSTA [the copy\paste failed to include the to-program instruction; no matter, just pointing out that effect so the poster knows for future copy\paste from their session]

There was a problem sending status messages to the display; i.e. the WorkStation Display Message feature informed the Message Handler Send Status Message feature that the request could not be performed, but as a non-fatal condition, the inability to display the message was merely diagnostic. This would transpire as a normal effect, if the device was not connected to the job; e.g. the job was running while disconnected either due to a device error for which the effect is Disconnect Job (DSCJOB) per Device Recovery Action (QDEVRCYACN) being one of either *DSCMSG or *DSCENDRQS. If the job had been disconnected, that would have been obvious because the user would have had to sign-on again, and there would have been a message diagnosing the re-connection of the job.

The condition can be avoided by /turning off/ the capability to present status messages before starting the long-running operation [CHGJOB STSMSG(*NONE)], preventing the condition that disconnects the job, or preventing a different condition that prevents the status messages from being displayed [which requires diagnosing what really was the origin for those diagnostics; i.e. rather than a presumption the job was disconnected].

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