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In a stupid reuse of an acronym, even within a niche of the IT
community, someone decided that not only should KVM stand for
Keyboard/Video/Mouse but it should also stand for Kernel Virtual
Machine. What is this? Your technology isn't good enough to stand
on it's <sic> own so you have to latch onto someone else's acronym
google search? <<SNIP>>

And while MDM has for several years meant Mobile Device Management,
recently I've also run into Master Data Management. <<SNIP>>

I have no idea about KVM, but MDM [and DM] where D=Data has been around quite some time. The following MS article [2007] and the next link to an article-list [2004] seem possibly to suggest more than just "several" years:

The earliest [actual dated] reference to Mobile Device Management I could find was barely over a year ago [2013]; though some references suggest the term for mobile devices arose post-coining of the term BYOD in 2009, in reaction to Bring-Your-Own-Device as a [new] paradigm. So I infer MDM for Mobile Device Management had to ride the coattails of the existing acronym MDM for Master Data Management ;-) Both are listed in the following acronym listings, but the first list [of the links below] shows a graphical ranking of the acronyms, implying the most-utilized acronym is the latter of the aforementioned:

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