Yes, the default on a character constant can only be 32 characters. So,
while you can enter a lot more by changing the character size, when you
use the DFT keyword you are limited to 32 characters. And, true they can
override that and enter more.
But if you want them to see a good representative sample so you want to
use something like
DFT('sudo /sbin/service jboss-as stat')
But only bigger you can't.
You can't even use the suggested work around of *DEFAULT since SPCVAL
still won't let you put a character string longer than 32 characters.
Unless you want to handle that in the program.
And trying to stick that off to the right as 'choice text' is limited down
to 30 characters.
Putting it on the left as prompt text is also limited to 30 characters.

You probably want to continue to do the SWPUSRPRF in the CPP and not in
the CMD itself. But if you really want to push the limits I don't know if
CHOICEPGM or PMTCTL on the PARM command would help. Or the PMTOVRPGM on
the CMD command itself.
I do know that BRMS really pushes the envelope on these. One reason why
sometimes typing in a command and simply hitting F4 takes so stinking long
just to see the prompted command when using their commands.

Rob Berendt

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