Well, true it's not a bug. "Working as designed". I should have referred to
it as an "issue" with my testing.

I knew right away what it was when I did a DMPCLPGM and saw the nulls. But,
like I said, it's been YEARS since I ran into it and quite coincidental to
see this thread.

Had I just tested my program being called by the RPG as planned, it would
never have cropped up. My fault for testing the call from the command line.

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Roger -
*not* a bug. This is expected behavior when you you pass a value shorter
than the defined parameter length [when the parameter is defined as having
length > 32].
- sjl

"Roger Harman" wrote in message

I had to laugh at this discussion. Just this morning I got bit by the 32
character >>> bug <<< when testing something from a command line. Once I
dumped the CL, the problem/resolution pretty much jumped off the screen.
Passed 33 chars to a 35 long parm and ended up with two nulls that some
vendor software did not like.

It's been years since I ran across this but funny that, after resolving my
issue, I logon and see this whole thread.

This thread ...


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