On 13-Feb-2014 15:50 -0800, Steinmetz, Paul wrote:
<<SNIP>> I remember many moons ago a CRTDUPOBJ PMR I had with IBM,
questioning the create date and create user. I felt they should be
the same, but that was not the case. Maybe we need another IBM data
area, one for CRTDUPOBJ, so we get the desired results.

CRTDUPOBJ is what's causing this issue.

If the results of CRTDUPOBJ, as designed [which includes both a new creation date\time and created-by-user], are deemed unacceptable with regard to the object attributes, then the values for those object attributes likely can be changed with the Change Object Description (QLICOBJD) API; no reason for some lame DtaAra trickery:

The Change Object Description (QLICOBJD) API lets you change object information for a specific object similar to the Change Object Description (CHGOBJD) command. Unlike the CHGOBJD command, this can be used on all library-based external object types. This API supports changing more parts of the object descriptive information than are supported using the CHGOBJD command.


The following table lists the valid keys for the key field of the variable length record.

Key Type Field
... ... ...
18 CHAR( 8) System created on
19 CHAR(10) Created by user
20 CHAR(13) Creation date and time

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