On 03-Feb-2014 13:14 -0800, Charles Wilt wrote:
I'm glad that DB2 for i finally got the SQL MERGE statement...

And I see that it offers lots of functionality...

However, for a basic merge i.e.
MERGE INTO archive ar
USING (SELECT activity, description FROM activities) ac
ON (ar.activity = ac.activity)
UPDATE SET description = ac.description
INSERT (activity, description)
VALUES(ac.activity, ac.description)

I don't really see any benefits over CPYF MBROPT(*UPDADD)
FMT(*MAPDROP). Other than perhaps the ability to use commitment
control with merge.

Am I missing anything?

The Copy File (CPYF) utility has a requirement for a Unique key [constraint] on the target file. IIRC the MERGE does not have any key\index requirements. FWiW: The ability to participate under isolation is a common cause for needing to use SQL instead of the copy commands.

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