I do not disagree with your comments, but my management wants to recovery as much money from this system as possible.

I have 132 disks on this one system and the other has double that, so you can see it is not just a few drives.

The concern I have is the time to run the clean process. If it took 30-45 minutes per drive we are talking about a few days to complete.

This is why I asked for any other ideas that may require less time and money.


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If management is dead set on re-selling these used disks, then Rob's option would be the path of least resistance. However, as a fellow "banker" I would not recommend you attempt to wholesale the disks. The cheaper option in my case would be to destroy the disk and refurbish the system and I/O. When you factor in the opportunity costs of your time, plus cost of Disk Sanitizer, plus the time and cost of all the CYA paperwork, plus the perceived risk of selling disk that once contained restricted company's just not worth it. (Note: I said perceived risk, not actual risk.) Those of you who deal with auditors should understand my point.

If I had to guess that 2.5TB is comprised of 140GB drives which works out to about 20 or so disk units. Used market price per unit would be about $300-500, meaning the most you could expect from a reseller would be $200 per unit. All that said....if management asked me to do this I would turn around and ask them if all that trouble and perceived risk was worth $4000-5000?

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Nothing stopping you from deleting all partitions. Creating one partition and assigning all resources to it. Install just the Lic and OS. Install the disk sanitizer and go from there. This new partition should have 70 days of keys. Batteries on the disk cards shouldn't be a show stopper, just make it run slower.

We have a 9117 MMA. (and two other power 6 boxes). And use HMC.

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We have a 9117 MMA that has not been access in the past 12 months.
Now management would like to sell this equipment but the 2.5TB of disk
storage needs to be Sanitized before it can be sold.
Here are the issues I need to overcome.

1. The only access to the system is by using the HMC console.

2. The 4 partitions are not running because the product keys are
expired along with the QSECOFR id.

3. The batteries on the disk cards may be dead too, but I am not

4. We need to install IBM Disk Sanitizer for I5/OS because it is DOD

5. The Hardware/Software is not longer under IBM support.

6. Using a outside vendor to help with this is not an option either.

Does anyone has any other ideas on how to proceed with the above


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