You need even numbers of the same size drives for mirroring. The base 
(low-end) controller that might be found in a 170 will support mirroring 
but NOT Raid5.  Your plan is probably the simplest to do. That is add the 
expansion and more drives. Today I would just add 3 more 8's and the 

Another option that would probably be better to do is this...No expansion 

I'm assuming the Loadsource is a 4gb drive
If  your current card doesn't support Raid5, Replace it (they are cheap 
these days)
Place a new 8gb in the 4th slot and use DST to copy the loadsource to it.
Pull the loadsource out and place the new 8gb in it's place.
Now use DST to remove the other 4gb drive which will migrate all the data 
off of it.
Replace it with and 8gb add the 4th 8gb drive.
Build Raid5 and then add them to the ASP.

If the loadsource is an 8gb then...
Add one 8gb to the ASP
Use DST to  logically remove the two 4gb drives
Replace then with 8s, add the 4th 8gb
Add to the ASP and build Raid5

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RE: Adding parity and mirroring to a 170

So if I am to understand you correctly, adding the 7102 expansion unit, 
I have to do to add mirroring is add another 2 4gb drives and 1 more 8 and 
will be able to mirror them out correct?  Or do they ALL need to be the 

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we will have to add a raid controller card

Uh, so far as I'm aware, 170s (and 40s-es and 510s) are RAID-ready out of
the box.

All you need for mirroring is an even number of each size/model of drive.
And all you need for parity is enough of each size/model to make a parity
set. So far as I'm aware, there is no special controller card required.

Which is to say that we have a 40s, a slim 170, a fat 170, and a 510, and
they're all mirrored, and we didn't have to buy anything to do it, other
than drives.

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