Thanks Larry,
I also believe at this point I may be having a drive that is weakening, so I
am probably going to try the move first and drop one and then add the 7102
and mirror them out for now.....drives are cheap at this point so its worth
it for the immediate future.....

Thanks again for the assistance and advice.


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OK First off the base controller in a 170 will only support 4 drives and no
RAID. Since Mirroring is done by OS/400 you can still do that. So if you
want to add the 7102, a good idea in my opinion, then you'll need a RAID
card just to have a place to connect the 7102.  (FC #2726, 2740, 2741, or
2748 in increasing order of preference.)

For RAID on any of those cards you'll need a minimum of four drives of each
size to be RAIDed.
For MIRROR you'll need them to be in pairs.
For either they need to match by size, not exact feature code. So you could
have an 8 GB 7200 RPM (FC #6713) and an 8GB 10K RPM (FC #6717) and they will
mirror OK, or a mix of four of these and they will RAID OK.

If you want to get rid of the 8GB Drive and just use 4's you can migrate the
data with STRASPBAL. and DST. Of course you'll need the system at 60% or
less full to get that drive out if you don't put on the 7102.

If you want to go to all 8GB Drives you'll need to do a load source
migration to migrate what's on the 4GB Unit to a replacement 8GB Unit.

Twer it me, I'd add a RAID card, the 7102, 1 4GB Drive 3 to 5 8GB Drives,
Start RAID and Add all units to the ASP.

 - Larry

Douglas W. Palme wrote:
We have a 170 which has never had mirroring or parity.  I know that in 
order to add it, we will have to add a raid controller card, which is 
not a problem.  Our problem lies in the fact that this particular 
machine only has three drives currently installed.  (2) 4GB drives and (1)

I know that the data is shared across all three drives so my question 
is, without having to do a complete reload, is there a way for us to 
replace these drives in a systematic manner and add in raid ?

We have a 7102 which is not currently attached but can be if that will 
help us in this project....

Suggestions on how best to do this....


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