Well it depends on how much more space you need.  Step 1, complete
system backup x 2.  (Safety net.)  I would purchase 3 8GB drives and add
on to the current config.  Then take the two 4 GB drives out by first
moving the data off the drives.  Then add the remaining two new 8GB
drives.  Now you have to boot to DST to build the RAID 5 set.  Continue
the IPL and start the ASP balance routine.

There are specific steps to remove drives from a system.  First you tell
the system that they are read only.  Then you can move the majority of
the data off them, all while the system is up and running.  The final
step of removing them from the ASP involves the system booted to DST
thus no one can use it.  But if you move the majority of the data off in
the beginning, this does not take long.

Christopher Bipes
Information Services Director
CrossCheck, Inc.
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Subject: Adding parity and mirroring to a 170

We have a 170 which has never had mirroring or parity.  I know that in
order to add it, we will have to add a raid controller card, which is
not a problem.  Our problem lies in the fact that this particular
machine only has three drives currently installed.  (2) 4GB drives and
(1) 8GB.

I know that the data is shared across all three drives so my question
is, without having to do a complete reload, is there a way for us to
replace these drives in a systematic manner and add in raid ?

We have a 7102 which is not currently attached but can be if that will
help us in this project....

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