Below is the VI400 log that logs all connections to Content Manager. We diffidently have a communication issue. This user connected to Content manager at 09:08:53 and she was able to view documents. Then, at 11:01:27, she had the error that we have been seeing where the only way to get them to view documents again, is to re-boot their machine.

CM/400 5.1 Initialization (ekdws.dll created Jun 17 2004 09:04:43)
Environment Variables:
CommInit ekdwscma.cpp 492 2014/08/07 09:08:53.977 T=3048
Connecting to HOST= PORT=31015
SimWmGetListWorkBasketInfo ekdwswm.cpp 1869 2014/08/07 09:08:54.290 T=3048
Malloc ItemNameExtStruct, 3
CommRecv ekdwscma.cpp 992 2014/08/07 11:01:27.472 T=3048
recv3 failed rc=10054
CommRecv ekdwscma.cpp 1079 2014/08/07 11:01:27.472 T=3048
WARNING: Extended length=0 Expected=65 Received=2
SimLibGetItemInfo_Snapshot ekdwsitm.cpp 709 2014/08/07 11:01:27.503 T=3048
SimLibGetItemInfo ekdwsitm.cpp 491 2014/08/07 11:01:27.503 T=3048

Dave DeBoe | Information Technology | Arapahoe County Government | ITIL Foundations V3 Certified
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for PC Client, we are using IBM Content Manager for iSeries Client for Windows V5.1 version Even though the client says 5.1, the version on system is 5.3 I don't know if this client compatible with your version This is the fixpack site for the client
Several fixes mention fixing pc "freeze".

On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 10:28 AM, Dave DeBoe <DDeBoe@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hi Jim,
The error code we are seeing is FRN6259A, which according to the IBM
Content Manager for iSeries Messages and Codes book, this is a problem
with the communications isolator. The action for this code is to re-boot the pc.
Which is what we have to do now every time this error comes up. I
would have to say that the images that are being scanned in via Kofax
are good, because once the user re-boots the PC, they can view that
same document using Content Manager. I still keep coming back in my
mind that this problem has something to do with our firewall changes,
but if it were a problem with that, then I ask myself, after they
re-boot, why can they view the same document that they were getting
the error before the re boot. It seems that by re-booting the pc's, it
'clears' whatever problem there was, but only until the next time the
pc locks up again later in the day with the same error. We are having
this error on both Windows 7's and Windows XP machines.

Question, the product IBM Content Manager ImagePlus Workstation
Program, is that a replacement for IBM Content Manager?


Dave DeBoe | Information Technology | Arapahoe County Government |
ITIL Foundations V3 Certified
13101 East Broncos Parkway, Centennial, CO 80112 | p. 720.874.3982 |

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Our company is still heavily using Content Manager (several Tb's of
images), and even use Kofax scanning for some of our input, but we
have managed to get to V5R3 (5722-VI), which is still a supported
version and occasionally ptf'd. I think it's the last version before
the On Demand versions.
We are at OS V7R1 with no problems with it. The Messages and Codes
gIz Has no mention of EKDVIDSP but multiple errors for "Invalid item"
all revolving around a similar issue: Invalid item or folder value.
To be more specific, it would help to have the "FRN" error code, like
My first guess, not knowing the underlying error code, is that a
folder has been deleted or damaged and your users only hit is
occasionally, and have the error.
2nd guess is the image itself - and I need to question "nothing has
changed except the firewall", but consider this:
Your OS release and ptfs have (hopefully) changed over 13 years.
Kofax has most likely changed. (see issue #2 below) Windows on the
desktop changed (every Windows Update, plus anti-virus, software
firewalls if used, Win 98SE, 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8 (all with various service packs).
Are you getting the images from other sources besides Kofax? See issue
2 &

Where we have had (and resolved) issues is:
1. settings in the pc client as to which viewer is called first - our
CM client has 2 or the viewers and the order can be an issue (see 2
and 3) - IBM has several docs online for this issue - and it does
represent itself as a freezing program 2. tiff compression versions -
there are many tech discussions of tiff compressions (many times all
the postings we have for things not working as expected), working or
not working with various viewers (same for pdf) 3. color images
(similar to issue 2)

We import many images through edi like processes (medical bills), so
we don't have full control of the creation of the images. We've had to
write Win code (C# I think) to take tiff images, determine the
compression, and rewrite them in a compression we can view.

Btw- if you are still using the 3995 Optical jukebox, we just switched
to Virtual Optical and it works great (once you get the rules down).
Content Manager sees no difference between real optical and virtual.

Dave, if you need a longer discussion offline, we can do that.

Jim Franz
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