On Thu, Aug 7, 2014 at 12:12 AM, DrFranken <midrange@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
If you DO use those new features [...]. Having to
edit/compile/edit/compile/edit/compile because your editor has no ability to
check syntax is fabulously inefficient and frustrating. It serves as a
barrier to effectively utilizing new functions and capabilities.

And yet they are trying to use them anyway.

Which is a bigger barrier to using new functions and capabilities:

(1) The editor doesn't help or hinder, and you have to repeatedly edit
and compile.

(2) The editor actively tells you your correct code is wrong. And you
STILL have to repeatedly edit and compile.

I guess my point is: Are you an all-or-nothing kind of person? Do
you think it is better that people do the best that they can with what
they have, or that they don't even try? Do you think it's better to
have a partial solution or no solution? Take small steps or no steps?

Personally, I think it's better that people take small steps rather
than no steps. Obviously, not everyone shares this view.

Also please note that Buck, and pretty much anyone who has said
anything at all, is *in favor* of RDi. Including the OP. Now, maybe
the OP should try again to convince the powers that be to spend money
on better tools. But even if such an effort is successful, it's not
likely to happen overnight. In the meantime, with actual work to do,
with their existing tools, I personally think it's better to do the
best you can. I'm actually not even sure what you're proposing for
the meantime. That they stop work entirely until management comes
around? Effectively go on strike?

Note that I'm not picking on persons here, I'm picking on the attitude.

Same for me.

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper told me that if I continued to do do the same
thing the same way "because I always do it that way" she would appear next
to me and beat me about the head and shoulders with her cane. Justifiably

Fine. But the folks who are trying to use the new features are
specifically NOT doing things the same way they have always done.
Otherwise they wouldn't even be asking on this list. You want to cane
them too, because they are trying to do modern things with old tools?
Are these folks more deserving of the cane than the ones who write new
RPG II code using RDi?

John Y.

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