Look at it this way:

If you don't use ANY of the new features of RPG brought to IBM i in the last several releases there must be a reason. Most of them are not defensible. Nonetheless you wouldn't need to turn off syntax checking. SEU is as old as the code you are writing.

If you DO use those new features this means you are keeping up with the O/S and likely with hardware to run it. Almost certainly your desktop (or laptop) has been replaced AT LEAST once since SEU was 'solidified'. Thus you have no performance reason to not run RDi. Since these features are new you wouldn't be an expert at the syntax of those features. Having to edit/compile/edit/compile/edit/compile because your editor has no ability to check syntax is fabulously inefficient and frustrating. It serves as a barrier to effectively utilizing new functions and capabilities.

Again a comparison. It's like having souped up hot rod but then putting on some skinny tires with no speed rating and lousy traction rating. Yep, it's STUPID.

Note that I'm not picking on persons here, I'm picking on the attitude.

Rear Admiral Grace Hopper told me that if I continued to do do the same thing the same way "because I always do it that way" she would appear next to me and beat me about the head and shoulders with her cane. Justifiably so.

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 8/6/2014 11:49 PM, John Yeung wrote:

On Wed, Aug 6, 2014 at 10:44 PM, DrFranken <midrange@xxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Buck, I didn't think you were being 'snarky' but you made a statement akin
to: "Annoying noise, have you turned up the radio???"

Not picking on you, seriously because (sadly) you may be right. But such
people are STUPID. Turning off syntax checking though is like leaving your
door unlocked or removing the battery from your smoke detectors because
'hey, the police and fire departments are just up the road!"

Larry, I respect your knowledge, and I think you sincerely want to
help the community. I don't think it's helpful to call people stupid,
in all caps no less.

It doesn't matter what their actual IQ is. If you want to help them,
or sell them something, probably the first thing to do is to not
antagonize them or be condescending to them, or especially not to
flat-out insult them.

Or perhaps I'm wrong about your intention. Maybe you would prefer
that "stupid people" be even more entrenched in their ways. Maybe you
would prefer that (probably the majority) of folks who are using the i
(or its predecessors) continue to stick to antiquated tools, thus
perpetuating the *image* that the i is an antiquated platform.
Perhaps you would prefer people that are "so stupid" as to use SEU
drown on their sinking ship, so that only the "smart" i users remain.

Ultimately, Buck is trying to help people get their work done, and get
it done better than they were doing it before, if possible. For some
folks, turning off syntax checking is going to be better than leaving
it on. Hey, at least they're trying to use the modern RPG features!
That's something! And the fact that they *have* a pretty solid
compiler to rely on is something too.

John Y.

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