Buck, I didn't think you were being 'snarky' but you made a statement akin to: "Annoying noise, have you turned up the radio???"

Not picking on you, seriously because (sadly) you may be right. But such people are STUPID. Turning off syntax checking though is like leaving your door unlocked or removing the battery from your smoke detectors because 'hey, the police and fire departments are just up the road!"

I truly hope that near *ZERO people are still using POP. In 1984 when I started on Midrange it was Awesome. It ceased being awesome not far after and today it is somewhere between antique and 'what IS that?'

I simply don't believe that us midrange folks are that cheap. We spend tens of thousands on servers, and dozens of thousands on licensing and software maintenance. Spending (far) less than one weeks cost for a developer to get the a tool they will spend almost their entire day utilizing is seriously 'penny wise and pound foolish'.

As to management not buying it because developers don't demand it..... AGAIN I'm not picking on you but..... DILBERT! Management should be DEMANDING their staff use such tools. Directing them to be more efficient. Sure developers should be asking for better tools and better training etc but it's management's direction that should be leading staff to ILE and RDi and SQL and and and....

- Larry "DrFranken" Bolhuis


On 8/6/2014 3:25 PM, Buck Calabro wrote:

On 8/6/2014 1:45 PM, DrFranken wrote:
RDI was tabled due to cost justification.

If cost is a problem, have the developers turn off syntax checking in
SEU (F13) and let the compiler syntax check for them.


Excellent. Lets see how THAT cost justification works out for them. :-)

I didn't intend to be snarky. The midrange market has ever been cost
conscious and the vast majority of development groups use only the tools
that come with the OS.

If it were possible to take a poll on the software used to develop RPG
applications, I think the results would look something like this:
SEU 80%
POP 13%
RDi 7%

Midrange programmers like SEU. If they want to keep using SEU, their
lives will be easier if they turn syntax checking off.

Honestly though, how many builders still use a real hammer
exclusively? How many mechanics use only a ratchet? How many painters
still do all their work with a brush? How many carpet cleaners use a
scrub brush and a bucket? How many roofers carry shingles to the roof up
a ladder? How many farmers plow with a horse? How many people still back
up to diskettes? How many......

Just because you CAN do a thing.......

This is all true but these arguments don't resonate with a population of
programmers whose First Commandment is 'If it ain't broke...' Midrange
programmers didn't adopt the GUI IDE even when it was bundled with the

It's my opinion (and worth every penny you paid for it) that management
declines to spend the money on RDi because the demand is very weak. If
the entire staff walked into the boss' office and said that they need
RDi, I think management would be much more likely to cut the check.

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