Right now my BP is researching how to configure multiple virtual Ethernet
adapters on the HMC.
First he started asking me if I had some extra physical ports and whatnot.
But some gentle inspiration to rise the challenge of discovering how to
do the multiple vlans on the same 10GB fiber connector eventually got him
properly motivated.
I'm thinking that once we discover how to do this it will be just oh so
very easy.

To create the original involved using some commands in vios like
lsdev -type adapter
mkvdev -sea ent0 -vadapter ent2 -default ent2 -defaultid 3999 -attr
on one vios and replacing ent0 with ent1 on the other.

mkvdev -vlan ent3 -tagid 6
where 6 was the vlan we wanted our vios servers on
lsdev -type adapter
then showed ent4
smit mktcpip
arrow to en4
fill in some stuff
vi /etc/resolv.conf
to add additional name servers

Then on the hmc,
The vios profiles would list
Virtual Ethernet Adapter
Adapter id: 2
VSwitch ETHERNET0(Default)
Port Virtual Ethernet (VLAN ID) 3999
(check) IEEE 802.1q compatible adapter
Additional VLAN IDs: 4, 6, 209, 252

The IBM i (7.1) profile would list:
Virtual Ethernet adapter
Adapter ID: 2
VSwitch: ETHERNET0(Default)
Port Virtual Ethernet (VLAN ID): 6
(no check) IEEE 802.1q compatible adapter

Now I just have to figure out the how to add the second adapter.

Rob Berendt

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