Connections will.
Quickr will never. We're told to migrate to Connections. Trying to (off
of IBM i). Consultant had to duck out because his wife went into ICU.
Second consultant (who set up our VIOS and whatnot) was unavailable during
TSM on AIX on Power 8 install to help third consultant. Something about a
medical condition with his son. Third consultant was wondering if we were
an omen. I wanted to tell him his family would be just fine if things
come in on time and on budget but I didn't want to scare him more and I'm
not sure he would have appreciated the humor.

Older versions of Domino won't go. But I am using some of the older
versions of Domino. For Quickr and for the older versions of Sametime.
Installing Sametime 8.5.x has been a never ending project. Going to
Sametime 9 is a thought but IBM can't seem to find one happy customer
running it on IBM i that is willing to be a reference. Going to sametime
9 pretty much throws out your Sametime 8.5.x environment. And you can see
how it's Domino dependent, which is OS dependent, does help to propagate
lpars. And sametime 9 is pretty strict on the level of WAS it needs,
which is another factor.

A real show stopper in Domino 8.5.x on IBM i 7.2? IBM renamed 5761-JV1 to
5770-JV1. Yep, Domino http, under 8.5.x of Domino actually looked for
5761-JV1 (and not just some other way of checking what versions of java
you have loaded). Death. Pretty obvious in the logs what it was doing.
One of those, "well they say it's not supported, what happens if we try.."
kind of things.

Rob Berendt

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