On 28-Jul-2014 12:25 -0500, Jeff Crosby wrote:
This is a printout of the WRKPRB of that order:

Problem Detail Report

The Work With Problems (WRKPRB) details are logged at the client\requester; i.e. at the system doing the Send PTF Order (SNDPTFORD) request [regardless that system is also a /server/].

Reported to . . . . . . . . . . . . . : *IBMSRV

The Server in the relationship, with respect to the above being identified\described as the Client, has a separate location [from the client] where details about the /order/ are logged. That logging is maintained in a Problem Management Record (PMR) on the RETAIN system. The logging at that server is a record of what transpired there, irrespective either what was communicated back to the client\requester or what was the interpretation\presentation [e.g. in Display Problem] about what had been communicated back to the client\requester upon completion of the submission.

Service assigned number . . . . . . . : 80652
Branch assigned number . . . . . . . :
Country or region assigned number . :
Answer received . . . . . . . . . . . : Request for problem
<ed: *conspicuously missing value*> complete. PTFs mailed.
PTF order status . . . . . . . . . . . : MAILED

From the above, I would say there was no error.

I can only agree.

The PMR is the composite of the three "assigned number" values [though they are not necessarily all decimal digits]. The missing information [in the above snippet of quoted material as output from the problem record] appears to me, at least somewhat suspect; irrespective all the other indications\implications of success.

Yet I did not get anything.

I presume entirely possible nothing arrived [due to nothing having been sent], probable even, given "They checked the orders and said they were rejected."

But then, intuitively, the results are incongruous. Seems that either the Problem submission was successful, or the submission failed with an error, because the order was rejected. "They" can not have it both ways.? If the order was properly processed and the PTFs mailed, then surely the orders were *not* rejected.? If the orders were rejected, then any implication that the PTF order was placed without errors [irrespective of the PTFs (not) being mailed], seems a false claim; or at least seems a deceptive claim.

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