On 28-Jul-2014 11:15 -0500, Peter Dow wrote:
On 25-Jul-2014 17:57 -0500, Kirk Goins wrote:

Back in the Good Old Days of Twinax displays, there was a key
you could press to tell the display to to show you all the
hidden hex codes controlling formatting etc.

If you use TN5250J (http://tn5250j.sourceforge.net/), a free 5250
emulator, the display attributes mode is available by right-clicking
on the screen (or pressing alt-D), choose Settings, and in the Show
Attributes section, select Hex. Each attribute byte is shown as a
hex code in a tiny font.

I remember something similar being available in iAccess for Windows,
but I don't see it in the version I have (5.8).

Ah! That makes much more sense than the Display Verification under the Test Request feature to what I had alluded; i.e. the "display attribute bytes" feature seems about what the OP was asking. The /Subject/ seems clearer to me now too; paraphrasing, "toggle presentation\visibility of the hex attribute-bytes on the active display <record format> using the Client Access 5250 emulator".

Viewing 5250 attribute bytes

Link given to: DspDspAtr attention handling program

Someone in the above thread claims the toggle was at one time, available somewhere in CA emulation; I suppose also in the PC Communications (PCOMM) sister sfw.

Display file attributes

Display file attributes

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