On 25-Jul-2014 17:57 -0500, Kirk Goins wrote:
Back in the Good Old Days of Twinax displays, there was a key you
could press to tell the display to to show you all the hidden hex
codes controlling formatting etc.

The 5250 device, display verification\capabilities /test/ feature?

That function doesn't seem to be available in CA.

The emulator feature, defined as a key, for a key-function defined by possibly one of [Test] [TestRq] [TestReq] [TestRqs] [TstRqs] [TstReq] ?

Reading on Google I found reference to a macro you could run. Course
the full test of the doc requires a subscription...

A link; maybe some title and supporting text that was included? A reviewer might be able to learn at least as much, to get an idea; or perhaps to offer an alternative [source for the same or equivalent].

Anyone know how to do this and willing to share?

I am unsure what is being asked, but I offer my reply in i.c.as400 that may provide leads to something helpful, even if not directly helpful:

This thread ...


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