On 28-Jul-2014 08:19 -0500, Jeff Young wrote:
On Sat, Jul 26, 2014 at 8:43 AM, CRPence wrote:
<<SNIP>> The emulator feature, defined as a key, for a key-function
defined by possibly one of [Test] [TestRq] [TestReq] [TestRqs]
[TstRqs] [TstReq] ? <<SNIP>>

Tried that. Mapped a key to TEST REQ (the only "TEST" function
defined. Tried it on a 5250 session, receive error Function key not

The feature perhaps is allowed only from the signon screen?

Re the unstated message identifier or keyboard error, I am not aware of any means for the UIM or DDS to either allow\enable or disallow\disable the capability [much like would be the case for the System Request (SysRqs) (SysReq)]; at least not any control for what is referred to as a "function key". Perhaps the full context of the error, from what display, the from\to programs and instructions... or the kbd error code and the resultant help text from the Help Command Key would clarify.?

Could try the CALL QARDRIVE referenced in one of the redirects from the link I had included; be aware however, that the /exit/ from either the panel or the option-1 as /display verification/ [or similar name] will terminate the session, so do not use a signon with any work worth saving. As I understand, the general capability or at least option-1 of that called program, was removed long ago due to system integrity concerns.

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