On 16-Jul-2014 16:24 -0500, CRPence wrote:
Note: The older archived discussions, with some topics mentioning the
Object Information Repository (OIR), remain on the archived MI400
list. However I am not aware of any code examples that traverse the
index and\or the space to locate any of the Text, Service,
Save/Restore, Attribute, or Usage information of a particular object.

Indirectly from one of those discussions, I found what might include [though doubtful] an MI code example for access to the OIR objects; for the .USAGE- information anyhow, if at all. But since the code is available only as a SAVF instead of as source, what is included is not easily visible for review to determine. And what is there appears only to be CL and RPG; nothing obvious as MI, although apparent references to work with User Index (*USRIDX), which the *QDIDX is [effectively]. however the User Idx code does some insert activity, so my inference is that probably, the user index work is _not against the OIR Index_, but instead is part of some work processing the records of the output file of DSPPGMREF data. So FWiW; and anyone is welcome to confirm\reply if any of the code is MI, used to access the OIR objects via the pointers stored in the associated space of a resolved library object:

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