Help systems has not had the best record with this either.
Prices/maintenance costs jump dramatically to cover the cost of the
acquisition and the innovation slows down. I know Richard would not
knowingly step into a development quagmire but the track record suggests
that might happen.

They have very good products with very rich features/functions; they just
want really big money for them. Now add in the Rodin and RJS products into
that mix. CA drove the cost of running an MVS system up so high that the
market started to crumble underneath them. I'm wondering when that happens
to POWER at this point.

Time will tell.

Jim Oberholtzer
Chief Technical Architect
Agile Technology Architects

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Whenever I see these type of notes I am disappointed. The hype is "better
resources" etc but the truth usually is higher prices, loss of the
technology and innovation leader in the company, and fewer sometimes no
further enhancements. I'd love to be proved wrong but the track record of
nearly every single software company that I've ever seen acquired is the
same. (I can think of only one exception so far.) Some just go downhill
faster than others.

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